Pont de Québec needs a touch up, do you have a spare paintbrush?

Pont de Québec needs a touch up, do you have a spare paintbrush?

Main pic: Pont de Québec, vue ouest. Photo credit: Muriel Leclerc

Painting the “Pont de Québec”, who ya gonna’ call.

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 October 2014 – The Quebec Bridge, which has a unique construction together with a unique history, is rotting away and no one seems to care. In 1997, CN, Canada’s railway company and owner’s of the bridge, agreed to repaint the structure and indeed started the work but somehow it never got finished.

As it stands, the work is only half done and the question now is who is going to finish the job. There has been a court case about the whole thing between CN and Transport Canada as to who is going to pay for the completion of the paint job.

Recently the court decided that CN would not necessarily have to complete the work and that money should be found somewhere else. The mayor of Lévis, M. Lehouillier, has now taken up the fight stating that the bridge is as important to the area as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris or the CN Tower to Toronto, neither of which has any problems being financed.

Another group called “Avenir du pont de Quebec” is appalled at the lack of interest towards the maintenance of the historical bridge and is worried that eventually the subject will be put aside while the longest cantilevered bridge in the world will be left to simply deteriorate into oblivion.

Paint_canMayor Lehouillier wants to discuss the matter with the Federal Minister for Lévis, M. Steven Blaney who will be up for re-election in 2015. As for the mayor of Quebec City, M. Régis Labeaume, he has passed off the subject saying it’s not his problem and to call on the Federal Government to come up with the money.

The Quebec Bridge is considered a National Historical Site, took 30 years to build, collapsed twice during construction taking the lives of 88 workers and was finally completed in 1919.

It supports rail, vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

So who should pay, CN, Transport Canada, or Heritage Canada?

Maybe we citizens could get out our paint brushes and undertake the work ourselves as long as we all agree on the same colour.

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