Pope to visit Montréal and Québec City?

Pope to visit Montréal and Québec City?

Quebec City (Quebec) 6 February 2015 – An invitation has been sent out to invite Pope Francis to visit Montréal, and hopefully Québec City at the same time. The initial idea was to have the Pope come to Montréal as part of the 375 year celebrations in Québec’s largest city, for 2017 and was initiated by the Mayor Denis Coderre together with his grace Bishop Christian Lépine of Montréal and his eminence Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix of Québec City. The three individuals have a face to face audience with the Pope this week to discuss the matter.

There is no guarantee the visit will take place, but the Mayor of Montréal has all the confidence that the chances are good claiming that the city was built on the foundations of the Catholic Church. The last time a Pope visited Québec City was in 1984 when Pope Jean Paul II visited the city.

The Pope has a very scheduled lifestyle and invitations like this can take up to a year to organize and plan, which is why the Québec delegation is going to Rome two years in advance of the Montréal celebrations. It is the Pope himself who will have the last word on whether or not he will visit any given city or country.

The spokesperson for the Catholic church in the province, Jasmin Lemieux-Lefebvre can in no way confirm that the visit will take place but, when asked, he quoted a phrase from the Bible that says, “ask and you shall receive” so the least we can do is ask.

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