Port of Quebec expansion controversial for some

Port of Quebec expansion controversial for some

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 November 2014 – For about a year now the Quebec Port Authority has been talking about increasing its capacity for receiving and loading cargo ships from around the world but, the expansion plans are not necessarily being accepted by everyone as a positive endeavor.

The Port Authority wants to increase its already 5 kilometres of wharf mooring capacity by another 610 meters to be able to accommodate extra ships and claims that the advantages of such a move would create around 2000 new jobs, and add extra revenue for the city itself.

Those who oppose the project say that the extra wharf area will affect the beach in the Battures de Beauport, will create more come and go land traffic from the trucking of cargo and will increase the noise and pollution levels in the Limoilou area which already suffers from a substantial amount of air pollution.

The opponents also claim that the figures for new jobs and equipment brought forward by the Port Authority are exaggerated. They claim that the port officials are including any marine industry that is on or near the water which in reality may or may not be affected by an increase in port activity.

There are 114 different companies and societies that deal directly or are connected to the shipping industry in and around Quebec City making any increase to port activity very interesting to all those companies involved.

The pros and cons are up for debate and the issue is a hot topic among environmentalists and businesses alike. One of the main reasons for the extra docks will be to accommodate the new super-tankers which will be loading up with petroleum products from Alberta brought here by the new pipeline, which is another concern for those who claim to be the protectors of the planet.

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