Positively Gushing – A Note From The Assistant Editor

Positively Gushing – A Note From The Assistant Editor

We Are Go For Launch

by Farnell Morisset

By 6.30pm on Wednesday (14th November, 2012) everything was set for a party. 

We just needed the people… and boy, did you provide.

I’m not going to pretend I can compare this magazine launch party to any other magazine launch party, because I’ve A) never been to another magazine launch party, and B) never launched a magazine before. 

However, I still don’t feel in any way reserved saying it – I think this was the best launch party that Andrew and I could have hoped for.

Special thanks, of course, must go out to our purveyors of sweets and alcohols for the evening.  Créations Les Gumes and Marchands des Amériques provided a series of sweets and some delicious private import wines, respectively, and Andrew and I can’t thank them enough for their contribution.  

Ildikó from Lavender Photography was also on hand to document the evening, and it’s her pictures that she took during the Life in Quebec Magazine launch party that you can can see here. Click on the image to view the complete album. The quality of the photographs is simply stunning.

As I said earlier, as well, thank you so much to all those who came out to support the magazine – I’d estimate there were 120 or so of you, and the Place Naviles basement was thick with people. 

Sure, Andrew and I said a few words about the magazine, our excellent writers, advertisers, and raison d’être, but in the end, we were there to speak with you all about the magazine, what you like, what you don’t like, and where you think we can improve.  Obviously we’ll be taking your comments to heart in the next few weeks before we start cracking on issue 2!

Ok, ok, everyone says that about appreciating your feedback and your call means a lot to us, but the difference is we actually mean it – after all, Andrew and I might be convinced we made the first issue pretty damn close to perfect, the reality is we know we’re not going to have any success up on our high horses and we’re genuinely convinced you can help us make it better.  So go ahead and contact us about your thoughts, comments, or even if it’s just to drive us nuts over a typo (that we hope you don’t find 🙂).

Have I thanked you all for coming out yet?  In case I haven’t, I again want to sincerely thank you all for the support last Wednesday – as much those who could come out as those who were only there in spirit.  And before this gets any tackier, I’m going to sign off…

… it’s time to get cracking on issue 2.

Lots of love to you all,

Farnell Morisset
Assistant Editor
Life in Québec Magazine

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