Potential catfight coming up at City Hall

Potential catfight coming up at City Hall

Quebec City (Quebec) 07 November, 2014 – There may be some bickering at city hall in the near future from Anne Guérette, city councillor for the opposition and Geneviève Hamelin, president of the City council.

It all started when Mme Guérette sent a letter to Mme Hamelin complaining that Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume was not treating her with respect in regards to the insulting and controversial fashion in which he sometimes addresses her in the chamber.

He has said things like, « complètement maboule » (completely crazy), or (come back to earth Mme. Guèrette, translation) among others, when speaking to her during city meetings. He even said at one time that the best way for Mme Guèrette to get her message across would be to just « shut-up » (La meilleur campagne serait de se taire.) Mme Guèrette has even called it « intimidation ».

Mme Guèrette is known for her strong opposition towards some things the mayor says and does, but according to her it doesn’t give him reason to treat her with disrespect, neither as a woman or as a councillor.

Mme Hamelin responded to Mme Guèrette`s letter by simply saying that politicians are passionat beings and that at times things can get personal when opinions disagree. She also suggested that Mme Guèrette herself uses some colorful language when making reference to certain people or subjects.

The problem is, that although the president of the city council is supposed to be neutral or unbiased, she is part of the Mayor`s team and appears to have been protecting the mayor in her letter. She is not only President of City council, she is at the same time, a city councillor making her neutrality somewhat questionable.
What will happen in the coming months will be interesting at city hall as the two woman attempt to solve their differences on neutral grounds. Maybe the « claws » will come out.

To be continued……….

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