Potential Elections on the Horizon?

Potential Elections on the Horizon?

A year after the last provincial election, it seems that Quebec is already moving towards a new campaign. Political analyst Jean Lapierre visited the different parties and believes that Quebecers may have to return to the polls on December 9th.

“My nose tells me that everyone is in election mode,” said the analyst. According to him, the Parti Québécois scored many points recently, thanks to Pauline Marois and her minister’s quick reaction to the recent Lac-Mégantic tragedy.

Even if it appears that the PQ has lost a few points since the announcement of the Quebec Charter of Values, surveys appear to remain in their favour.  “You can feel that they are on attack mode for the first time since the start of their mandates,” added Jean Lapierre. On the Liberal side, leader Philippe Couillard is touring province and is believed to be “the real alternative”. Although the CAQ seems to be lagging behind and it must follow the movement.

According to Jean Lapierre, the first possible window for elections would be December 9. “If we want to develop an electoral scenario, we must wait until November 3rd, but soon after it is possible that we could have a provincial election”, said the analyst. According to him, two scenarios are possible.

“Either Ms. Marois decides she wants a majority government, it what she has been saying for the last two days during all of her interviews, “if I were majority”. Or the Liberals, if the economy gets worse, may decide to submit a motion of no confidence which would force the CAQ to vote alongside them.”

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