Potential return of NHL team to Quebec City looking slimmer

Potential return of NHL team to Quebec City looking slimmer

Quebec City (Quebec) 10 December 2014 – A new player in the NHL hockey team franchise war has just presented itself in Las Vegas this week, increasing the rumours that the chances of getting a team back in Quebec City are becoming less and less obvious.

Las Vegas is building a new arena and they have lots of money to bring a team to their city.

The cost of buying an NHL team is about $500 million, which for a certain Mr Foley, an American multi-billionaire, is a drop in the bucket.

Hockey teams do however create a lot of revenue for the owners through sponsors and television rights.

This puts another city on the list of hopefuls for a professional hockey team to come to their city.

Seattle, Markham, and Hamilton among others, are all in the race for a NHL franchise.

Even the Quebec City mayor, Régis Labeaume, is becoming hesitant when asked if the Las Vegas option will affect his city’s chances.

He has even said that maybe he stretched the truth when talking about attracting a team to the city without actually saying he lied.

The whole story broke loose in a recent NHL Governors convention that was held in Boca Raton, Florida this last weekend where TV rights and sponsorship contracts were being discussed.

Go Nordiques!

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