Potholes Come Hand-in-Hand with Spring… Again

Potholes Come Hand-in-Hand with Spring… Again

Pothole_BigYep, they’re out in force this year and it’s become an annual event which pleases some and angers others. It pleases the garages who fix car suspensions and steering problems, but is not too popular with your average driver.

This year has been a very erratic year in terms of weather conditions making the number of potholes, known locally as “nids de poules”, extremely prevalent, however we have heard this argument before which makes it more and more irrelevant year after year.

Attempts are made to repair the worst of the holes during the winter months by throwing asphalt into the crevices and hoping that it will hold for awhile, but it rarely does. The problem is the humidity that forms under the pavement, which in turn freezes or thaws in accordance with the ever changing temperatures causing the asphalt to heave and break into small pieces, eventually being bounced around and about by the passing traffic.

Some of the roads would make great testing grounds for manufacturers of shock absorbers, auto springs and steering gears as one must navigate in a slalom manner in order to avoid the inevitable. There is also concern for the asphalt which is decaying along the borders of some of the roads causing concern for the whole road to eventually disintegrate. City crews are out and about with their shovels and black tar to try and alleviate the problem temporarily.  They are pretty much assured of work for the next three months as the worst is yet to come since the weather should start warming up.

According to the Canadian Automobile Club, (CAA) Quebec should be taking the matter more seriously and find a more permanent solution rather than just patching the holes every year as the situation can even cause certain accidents from people swerving to avoid a hole and either running off the road or uncontrollably changing lanes into oncoming traffic.

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