Poutine is moving to the States

Poutine is moving to the States

One of the biggest American newspapers – and one of the most serious – the Wall Street Journal published a long text in which they note that  poutine, a Quebec creation, is experiencing a major boom in the United States.

PoutineThe daily journal  also wonders if the original version of poutine, from Quebec, is better than the copies found in the United States.

A Wall Street Journal reporter asked all these questions during his visit to Montreal as part of the ” Poutine Week .”

According to him, there are several possible variations of poutine all different from each other.
And this is particularly true in Quebec.

To make a good poutine, it takes only three ingredients, but it is often difficult to find the right ones. The cheese must be super-fresh, baked fries and gravy absolutely must be homemade. Many restaurants use gravy powder, but the best places have sauces that could be served with a rib roast. Their recipes are always kept secret, which probably makes everything better.

Among these three ingredients, cheese is often the one that  causes the most problems for traders.

So where is Quebec’s best poutine served?
Do let us know.
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