Poutine Week

Poutine Week

The great gourmet “Poutine” contest is on.

This week in Quebec has been proclaimed the “Week of the Poutine” or just plain Poutine Week if you prefer, either way it’s all Poutineabout making the most tasty or exotic or even the most fancy looking poutine “ever”.

There are 30 participating restaurants in Quebec City and some others in Montreal, Toronto & Ottawa which are all going to experiment with, what’s become known as Quebec’s National dish, to see who can make the most delicious sample and win the contest. Normally the ingredients are French fries, curd cheese, and some sort of gravy that tastes much like BBQ sauce only milder, but this week there are going to be some examples out there that maybe some of us wouldn’t even want to eat, and it’s all in the name of fun.

So far there has been talk of poutine with mushroom sauce, chili sauce, salsa sauce or even some made with lamb, shrimps or even rabbit meat spread on top to make the dish a complete meal. Some others will be experimenting with different types of cheese, but basically anything goes and a winner will be chosen on February 7th. The winner will be decided upon by the most number of votes from consumers who will choose their favourite, at the restaurants involved.

If you’re looking for healthy haute-cuisine food, this isn’t a contest for you, but if you want to pig out, take on lots of cholesterol, and enjoy some greasy spoon grub, then off you go to one of the many establishments ready to serve up their best effort for you to vote on; it’s rumoured there may also be some vegetarian varieties, but who cares, right?

Can you feel your arteries hardening just reading this?
It’s going to be a long week.
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