Power Forward: Book Review

Power Forward: Book Review

This book review by Amanda Sweeney first appeared in the November 2012 issue of Life in Quebec Magazine

Publisher – Baraka Books
Price – $16.95
Author – Sylvain Hotte

Power_Forward_CoverPower Forward reveals the next step of Alex McKenzie’s journey. Making a team in the Canadian junior hockey league is his priority.

Hotte has Alex undergo challenges such as his new fling with a neighborhood girl, a constant struggle with an intense Terminator-like hockey buddy, and the pressure of performing.

Alex begins a relationship with Chloe. I had no particular attachment to the relationship and no heartstrings were pulled when they were forced to separate at the time of Alex’s move to Quebec.

Hotte puts a big emphasis on how Alex’s friend Tommy has evolved into a beast that excels in his hockey training. You can predict throughout the story that this newfound strength is connected to some sort of performance enhancing procedure. However, it is only made clear at the end that Tommy had been injecting steroids into his system.

The author lays out the danger of turning to steroids to gain competitive edge very well to his readers. The punch factor that Hotte brings into his story hits the issue right on the nail.

Alex has a lot riding on his shoulders pushing him in the direction of becoming a great player. The pressure, as well as other tragic elements, force Alex to make a decision that could very well affect the rest of his life.

Hotte did an excellent job at capturing the main elements found on the path to the junior hockey league.

This book is available from all good bookstores, this includes AngloStore, the English bookstore in Quebec City at Place Naviles.

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