PQ Leadership Race Braces for First Debates

PQ Leadership Race Braces for First Debates

Quebec City (Quebec) January 25, 2015 – With the first Parti Québécois (PQ) leadership debates just a few days away, there’s been a lot of movement on the part of prospective PQ leaders in preparation.  The debates, organised by the Mouvement des étudiants souverainistes de l’Université de Montréal (MÉSUM), drew early critical attention when leadership race frontrunner Pierre-Karl Péladeau announced he would not be participating.  The MÉSUM expressed disappointment, which echoed amongst the many hoping for a substantial leadership race and not a simple crowning.  M. Péladeau has since reversed his position and plans to participate.  True to his telecommunications background, M. Péladeau will be teleconferencing the debate, dailing in to the Université de Montréal room from Baie-Comeau.

Longtime PQ powerhouse Jean-François Lisée, meanwhile, made a splash on Friday as he announced he was dropping out of the race, stating that by his campaign’s estimation, Pierre-Karl Péladeau has already won.  The other candidates obviously dispute this.  Bernard Drainville, architect of the PQ’s proposed Charter of Values which framed the last election and PQ leadership candidate, noted that M. Lisée’s presence in the leadership race elevated debate of ideas.

Martine Ouellet, also participating in Wednesday’s debate, praised the format as a simple and inexpensive way to propose and discuss the future of the PQ in front of militants and the public alike.  She also does not share M. Lisée’s opinion that the race’s outcome is a foregone conclusion, and hopes to use the debates to swing back more of the PQ’s base away from the frontrunner.

The leadership debate will be held Wednesday at the Université de Montréal.  There are currently 5 declared contenders (though the campaign has not officially started yet): Pierre-Karl Péladeau, Bernard Drainville, Martine Ouellet, Pierre Céré, and Alexandre Cloutier.

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