PQ Promises to make the St. Lawrence an International Cultural Icon

PQ Promises to make the St. Lawrence an International Cultural Icon

It was on Thursday that the Quebec government revealed its new strategy to pay more attention to the St-Lawrence River’s touristic potential. The emphasis will be on international cruises and marine animal observation.

The minister of tourism, Pascal Bérubé, explained at a conference at the Baie de Beauport, that his government will soon be in elections and wants to make the St-Lawrence River a tourism icon on international level.

$77.3 million has been placed in the budget for this project which is part of the $225 million kept for the tourism industry development. The outdoor establishment societies of Quebec will get $21.8 million to develop infrastructure and activities on sites and national parks near the St-Lawrence River. $41.9 million will be used to develop touristic products such as marinas, museums, and excursions in ten places along the St-Lawrence River from Montreal to Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, including Quebec and Tadoussac.

The rest of the budget allocated for tourism will be used to finance many projects in line with cruises such as electric docks in Montreal and Quebec. The minister estimates that this industry is one that will bring profit on the short term because the clientele is already there and increasing. The marine observation aspect of this project will be developed more outside of Tadoussac. This project will be handled with respect to animals and nature. Quebec will finance the projects of public or private promoters according to criteria yet to be determined.  The results will be known in the next months to come.

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