Prime Minister Launches 42nd Canadian Election

Prime Minister Launches 42nd Canadian Election

Ottawa (Ontario), 2 August 2015 – Ending what little speculation was left on the subject, Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited Governor General David Johnston’s office earlier this morning to dissolve parliament and officially launch the 42nd Canadian Federal Election.

This election campaign will be the longest Canadian federal election recent living memory, lasting 11 weeks.  Canada has not had such a long electoral period since the 1930s.

Critics and opponents have strongly criticized the Prime Minister’s decision to have such long elections, as the move is widely viewed as made to advantage the sitting Conservative government.  Non-partisan organisations had begun advertising their anti-Conservative stances, but election rules prohibit third-party organisations from electoral spending.  The sitting Conservative government is also well-known to be the best-funded and the drawn-out campaign is expected to put stress on the other parties’ finances.

The move also comes after the Conservative government has made many promises, in the last few weeks, of significant investment throughout the country should they be re-elected.

The Prime Minister defended his decision, saying it was important for Canadians to have the time to make up their minds about the various issues with which they will be faced in this election.

The additional length of the electoral campaign will also cost Canadian taxpayers tens of millions of dollars more than the shorter campaigns Canada has typically had in modern times.

Canadians will be going to polls on October 19th.

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