Private Daycares to Receive Fines of over $800,000

Private Daycares to Receive Fines of over $800,000

Quebec will impose fines of  $802 500 to private daycares who had closed their doors on Wednesday in protest.

Recently, the Minister of Family said that one-third of the 654 private centres that receive government funding participated in a strike to protest against the $15 million in cutbacks by the Marois government.

Québec will send a “notice of noncompliance” stating that their subsidies will be reduced by $ 3,750 as a penalty to them.

The AGPQ will challenge these sanctions. The president, Sylvain Lévesque, argues that centres are fully within their rights to go on strike because they made use of one of the five days available to them during the year to close their establishments.

Daycare will close their doors again on May 30th if the impasse continues with Minister Nicole Léger.

Government penalties for the second and third day of the strike are respectively $ 4,375 and $ 5,000.

In Minister Léger’s Office the door has been closed in regards to any decrease in the cutbacks, and say that they are only willing to discuss with private daycares on how they could be convinced to accept the cutbacks.
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