Private doctor house calls in Quebec now available

Private doctor house calls in Quebec now available

Quebec City (Quebec) 10 June 2015 – A doctor who was practicing under the Quebec Healthcare system in Montreal has thrown in the towel and decided to leave the government bureaucracy behind to practice medicine on his own terms, specifically privately and self administered.

Dr. Vincent Demers has moved back to Quebec City where he was born and has set-up a new service where he will go to your house to offer his expertise. Just like in the old days, when doctors made house calls, Dr. Demers will schedule a visit 24 hours in advance to diagnose or prescribe medication to those people who are less adapted to going to a doctor’s office or an outpatient clinic. The fees for visiting someone in their home will be $135 for a 30 minute consultation, $62 plus $73 for the travelling expenses. A second patient at the same residence can profit from his visit for an extra $42 for 20 minutes. A patient can pay by credit card or debit and at those prices it’s cheaper than a plumber.

It’s all legal and has been approved by the Quebec College of Physicians.

There will also be a service by phone or Skype for a fee of $31 which will be offered once a patient has signed up and has met the doctor in person.

Dr. Demers has an MBA from McGill University and will be offering his services at a volunteer clinic in a poor area of downtown at the same time as his private practice. It is a first for the province and the doctor admits he will probably not make as much money as he was in the public system but is motivated and anxious to adapt to his new responsibilities.

His new home service should be up and running by the beginning of September, and he hopes other doctors will follow his lead and offer the same services throughout the province in the near future.

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