Professional fraudster to remain detained

Professional fraudster to remain detained

A professional fraudster from Quebec province will remain behind bars after being tricked by his fellow inmates, simulating the death of his father and passing his spouse off as his son.

For years, Denis Drolet spun his web of deceit. It was after impersonating a doctor in order to commit sexual assault that was incarcerated in 2010.

He was released after serving two thirds of his sentence. Stressing that he had not changed and that he showed no remorse for his crimes, the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) had imposed severe conditions.

A few rules were not going to stop Drolet, who was quick to fall back into his old habits after having been released.

Soon, Drolet led his fellow inmates that his father had died and that he was a benefactor.

When ‘Tom’ was told by a parole officer that the whole story was a tissue of lies, he was “shaken”. “He (Tom) concluded that he had also been fooled because he had written him a $1,500 cheque, states a report dating from September.

By discovering this, Tom also realized that his own father would never see the $70,000 that Drolet had also swindled out of him.

Drolet’s statutory release has subsequently been revoked and he is back in the penitentiary. “You no longer have any credibility. Using lies and manipulation and not likely show any interest in changing your behaviour, “say the commissioners.

Drolet appealed the decision and it just been rejected. Aged 59, he has been serving a sentence of four years and nine months since December 2010.

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