Prominent research scientist opts for Université Laval

Prominent research scientist opts for Université Laval

Main pic: Ebola virus. Photo credit: Cynthia Goldsmith, US Centers for Disease Control.

Quebec City (Quebec) 25 August 2015 – The research scientist who was in charge of the Ebola research Laboratory in Winnipeg, which found a vaccine for the disease which is presently being tested in Africa has decided to take over the infectious disease research lab in Quebec City at Université Laval.

Dr. Kobinger, who was raised in the province of Quebec, will be leaving the National laboratory in Winnipeg next June to become head of the Centre de Recherche en infectologie (CRI) at Laval. The present director and founder of the Quebec City Lab, Dr. Michel G. Bergeron, says we are privileged and proud to have such an extraordinary scientist take over our Lab. Dr. Bergeron has been in charge of the Laval facilities for 41 years.

Dr. Kobinger who was originally working at a lab in Pennsylvania, was hired to continue his research in Winnipeg where his team brought forward the vaccine called ZMapp, which was introduced at the most recent Ebola outbreak in Africa and appears so far to be beneficial in controlling the disease. He says it will be difficult to leave the team that he has been leading for the last five years.

The Quebec City Lab has 200 different research technicians and doctors but is not classified, as what is known as a P4 facility, meaning it cannot store highly infectious micro-organisms called pathogens. Dr. Kobinger hopes however that with the help of other centres he will be able to continue his research on Ebola at the same time as managing the Laval Laboratory.

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