Protester Struck by Gas Canister Suing Police

Protester Struck by Gas Canister Suing Police

Quebec City (Quebec) 28 March 2015 – Naomie Trudeau-Tremblay, a student at CEGEP Garneau, was injured when a Québec City police officer fired a tear gas canister into a crowd during a protest on Thursday night.  She’ll be suing the police for her injury.

The tear gas canister was fired by a police officer wearing riot gear during a confrontation between police and protesters.  Police pushed the crowd back and, near the end of the confrontation, the officer pointed a high-powered gas canister launcher directly at the crowd and fired, hitting the protester who was less than a metre away.  The act was captured on video and has drawn intense criticism of the officer who fired the canister.

Gas canister launchers of that type are intended to be used to launch gas canisters long distances, and are not meant to be fired directly at people, but during the moments following the incident several other canisters were fired at body-level directly into the protesters.  The city’s police forces have declared that an investigation has been opened.

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