Provincial government thinking of tightening Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Provincial government thinking of tightening Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Main pic: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Photo credit: Marc Lostracci

Quebec City (Quebec) 14 January 2015 – With all the commotion of terrorist attacks, bullying and suspicious people making threats to politicians and different ethnic groups, the provincial government is pondering the idea of strengthening a certain clause in the existing charter to make it easier for law enforcement to investigate or even arrest certain individuals who make public references to discrimination or intimidation towards other individuals.

Article 11 of the Provincial Charter already states that “no one can distribute, publish, or expose in public a symbol, sign, or warning that could be discriminatory”.

With the new technology and access to the internet, the possibilities for intimidation (bullying) and discrimination are limitless.

Since the charter was introduced back in 1976 many changes in habits and communications have evolved causing a revision of the article to perhaps be reworded to include “hate literature and or slander”.

The readjustment would include the public exposure of hateful remarks suggesting discrimination against, race, language, sexual orientation, religion, colour, ethnic origin, political convictions, social standing and handicapped individuals.

Changes to a charter are difficult and can often be challenged in courts as to the freedom of human rights and freedom of expression, which is already in the Charter.

A provincial charter however is easier to amend than The Canadian Charter of Rights because the national charter is integrated into the constitution.

In Quebec province, if a public hearing is held and a consensus is agreed upon the changes could be made by a simple vote in the legislature as long as all legalities are adhered to.

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