Provincial gun registry a possibility

Provincial gun registry a possibility

Quebec City (Quebec) 10 October 2014 – Since the Federal Government abolished the national gun registry program, Quebec has been debating in court that they would at least like to have the existing records which were obtained when the system was operational to start up their own gun registry.

When the program was dismantled in 2012 the Federal Government wanted to destroy all the records that had been accumulated since the beginning of the program but, Quebec challenged the decision and wanted Ottawa to at least hand over the dossiers concerning the province.

The case has been in court ever since.

The Public Prosecutor (Procureur général) for the province says that if and when the case is settled the province would be ready to initiate its own program as soon as the files are handed over. When asked about the idea, the premier, Philippe Couillard, wouldn’t pronounce himself if indeed the province would reinstate the gun control program.

The Public Prosecutor on the other hand said it wouldn’t take more than 45 days to restore and introduce a provincial program.

The arguments between the Crown prosecutor and the provincial prosecutor circle mostly around the private rights of citizens under the Canadian charter of rights.

In other words the government shouldn’t have control over a person’s private possessions.

The support for gun registry appears to be more popular in Quebec than in other provinces.

What are your opinions on gun control in Canada?
What lengths should the provincial government go to in terms of gun control in Quebec?

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