Provincial Liberals sweep both by-elections in Quebec

Provincial Liberals sweep both by-elections in Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) 9 June 2015 – The three major provincial political parties in Quebec were holding their breath until all the results were in and counted in the two by-elections that took place this past Monday. The two districts under scrutiny were Chauveau, and Jean-Talon, both sub-division ridings surrounding Quebec City.

Chauveau had been a stronghold for the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ), since 2007 but, their candidate Jocelyne Cazin, wasn’t able to hold onto the riding and lost to the Liberal Véronique Tremblay. Tremblay reaped 41.32% of the votes as compared to Cazin’s 33.57%. Both women were new to politics and both come from media backgrounds.

In Jean-Talon the Liberals held onto their long entrenched grasp on the riding and came up with a win for their candidate Sébastien Proulx. Proulx won 41.76% of the votes over his closest rival, Clément Laberge from the Parti Québécois, who managed to harvest 29.97%.

The Liberal win in Chauveau was a complete surprise, but Mme Cazin took her loss in stride and thanked her supporters for a good campaign and said she enjoyed every minute of the experience. Mme Cazin was accused of being a “parachute” candidate by all three adversaries.

The Parti Québécois was hoping to do a lot better in the two ridings with their new leader solidly in place but, didn’t succeed in getting the increase in votes they were hoping for. They did however do better than in the last general election getting 15% in Chauveau and 30% in Jean-Talon.

The average between the two ridings in 2014 was 14%.

The voter turnout was low with only 43% of eligible voters placing their ballots for both ridings.

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