Public Health Board to Review Shannon Cancer Records

Public Health Board to Review Shannon Cancer Records

Water contaminated with trichlorethylene

The Public Health Administration has set up a committee of international experts to determine if the number of brain cancers detected in the Shannon citizens is higher than elsewhere in Quebec.

A panel of international experts will be established to determine if there are more cases of brain cancer in the Shannon area compared to the rest of Quebec. This committee should be able to determine if there is a link with the solvent trichlorethylene (TCE), which is found in the groundwater where people are getting their drinking water.

Following a request for class action, the citizens of Shannon presented 500 medical records to la Santé publique. “La Santé publique has new facts and considers it appropriate to reopen the files regarding brain cancers. It is also important is to ensure the health of the population and to not take any chances.

If there is any doubt, they must push for further investigations and seek international experts to be certain that they have eliminated any risks to the public,” said the Minister of Health, Réjean Hébert.

The reopening of the case by la Santé publique comes as Judge Bernard Godbout has now recognized that the National Defence and les Industries Valcartier were responsible for the contamination of water. However, it was not attributed to TCE damage and health problems among citizens, including many cases of cancer faced by the population.

The results of the international committee of experts will not be known for several months.
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