‘Pure laine’ Québécois elves are coming

‘Pure laine’ Québécois elves are coming

Lac St. Jean (Quebec) 18 September 2015 – Christmas is only 100 days away and certain people from the Lac St. Jean area, north of Quebec City are busy making and promoting a new elf for the 2015 season.

M. Denis Boivin, a local documentary film maker had the idea this year to make an elf entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec. Not only is he making homegrown elves but he also hopes to make a documentary on the phenomena of the elf craze that has hit the country since 2006.

M. Boivin has had enough of ‘made in China’ elves and is convinced his little imps will be a sensation right across the country. His little characters are being handmade at a small shoe manufacturing plant in Quebec City and he hopes to have 3,000 ready for sale at a price below $30 in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Considered to be baby elves, M. Boivin is proud of his creations and even sees a movie being made using the creatures in the near future. He has patented his brand and is ready to take on the world if necessary to promote his “made in Quebec” dolls.

The original idea to make and sell elves at Christmas came from Régis Tremblay and Nadia Perron both residents of the Lac St. Jean region. The myth of the elf culture goes back as far as medieval times and can be found in ancient German and Scandinavian texts.

Elves besides, being Santa’s helpers, are sometimes called imps or leprechauns depending on where you live, and are responsible for causing mischief during the night while the rest of us are sound asleep.

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