PW Sims Business Students and Life in Quebec Collaborate on a Marketing Project

PW Sims Business Students and Life in Quebec Collaborate on a Marketing Project

Submitted by Janet Amos

A group of students in the PW Sims Business Program at Champlain St. Lawrence College (Quebec City) worked on a marketing project with Média Trois Canons inc., and their web portal 

This project, part of their marketing class, provided them with the opportunity to apply concepts learned in the course to a real-life situation.  

When they started, the students had not heard of the Life in Quebec website, but soon learned that this wonderful company has an objective of informing anyone in the region (and beyond) who understands English, about news, restaurants, job offers, and more, while also targeting tourists and foreign companies. 

Between September and November 2012, the students analyzed the website itself, possible competitors and the promotion strategy of this growing business.  After doing some market research, they formulated a list of recommendations for the company to help improve the website and increase the internet traffic on it.  They presented their findings to one of the company owners and their teacher, Janet Amos, during a meeting held in late November at Champlain St. Lawrence.

They also submitted a 25-page report detailing their work.  Paul Lepinay, one of the students on the team, mentioned that “doing this project has been more than a privilege for our team since we have been able to make our first step in the marketing world and work in collaboration with the company to hopefully help improve it.  We are very thankful to Média Trois Canons inc. for the opportunity given to us and we hope to use the knowledge and experience we have gained during this project in our future careers”.


The PW Sims Business Program, a three-year technical program at the only English speaking CEGEP in Eastern Quebec, believes in the importance of providing students with opportunities to interact with local businesses in this type of project. As well, students also perform two internships at local businesses in their second and third year. 

Companies interested in participating in a marketing project or offering an internship of 3 or 6 weeks to one of their business students should contact Janet Amos at

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