QAC’s Witness for the Prosecution coming soon

QAC’s Witness for the Prosecution coming soon

Main pic: L-R Bill Cox (Judge Wainwright), Dennis Drainville (Mr. Myers, Prosecuting Attorney), Jerry Garagon (Leonard Vole, Accused), and Jonathan Black (Policeman)

Pic and article submitted by Sharon MacLeod

After two months of twice-weekly rehearsals, the characters are now developed, the costumes are chosen, and the lines are memorized (well, nearly)… Yes, it’s all coming together as Quebec Art Company gears up to put on another production, this time Agatha Christie’s courtroom drama, Witness for the Prosecution.

So, how exactly does the Company decide what play to do next, twice a year, sans arrêt for 33 years? Why this show? After the wonderful success of the QAC’s last show, a farce, it was time to give our loyal audience something different, very different!

Suggestions were made, ideas were tossed around, but finally it was Nathalie Peron, now a veteran director with the QAC, who proposed Witness after seeing its potential, its passion, and the great enjoyment that theatre lovers could have both on stage and in the audience.

Once the decision was made, Peron took control – QAC directors call the shots, it’s their baby!

They run the auditions, cast the show but beyond these practical matters, the director must also have a vision – it’s their creative project.

Of course, the supporting crew members and actors help support this vision, spending countless hours doing what they are passionate about.

So, we’ll leave you in suspense to come witness what unfolds this time after Peron and her team do their work, tirelessly, creatively, passionately.
Performances run November 27-29th at 8:00 p.m. and November 30th at 2:00 p.m.
Holland School 940, avenue Ernest-Gagnon in Quebec City.
General admission – $12, Seniors/Students/Groups – $10.
For reservations, call (418) 254-6552 and for more information, see

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