QESBA Launch English Public School Promotional Campaign

QESBA Launch English Public School Promotional Campaign

In the Rialto Theatre, Montreal, on Monday 24th January 2011, the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA) launched the 2011 version of the Go Publique promotional campaign featuring an emerging Quebec-born and raised video artist and performer.

QESBA and its nine member boards has been actively promoting English public education throughout the province of Quebec on an annual basis, through its “Go Publique” campaign.

President Debbie Horrocks presented the signature video of this year’s campaign, along with its creator, Annakin Slade.

QESBA is the voice of English public education in Quebec.

QESBA is also very pleased to announce that as a complement to the Go Publique campaign, Global has offered to give the Annakin Slayd “Go Publique” video 228 spots of 30 seconds each during their regular programming on January 24, January 31 and February 4th, 2011.  
Some of the time slots include popular shows such as: Glee, Entertainment Tonight, NCIS and Family Guy among others.  

Watch the video Annakin Slade 

Further information can also be found on the CQSB website Central Quebec School Board.

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