Quality Speakers FSA U Laval Humourous Speech and Evaluation Contest

Quality Speakers FSA U Laval Humourous Speech and Evaluation Contest

 Submitted by Liana Ireland

On October 1st, 2012 Quality Speakers FSA U Laval participated in the 2012 club level Humourous Speech and Evaluation Contest. The night was filled with laughter as all the attendees were entertained by the humourous speeches. Between Pascal`s Guérin´s “Once Upon a Time”, Marc Bernier’s “Air Travel”, and Mustapha Mekhatria’s “Ze Europe” the audience had a very entertaining evening.

Another highlight of the evening was the Evaluation Contest. The test speaker, Anne-Laure Nivet, enlightened the audience with her speech entitled “Lightening”. It was a pleasure to see the contest winner, Luc Tossou, gather his points in just a few minutes to present a great evaluation of this speech.

A big congratulations to Mustapha Mekhatria and Luc Tossou who will be continuing on and representing the club at the area contest on Monday, October 15th. This contest is open to anyone who would like to attend and hear some enjoyable humourous speeches and informative speech evaluations. For further details, including the location, go to http://easy-speak.org/view_meeting.php?t=43429.

Photo courtesy of Bobby Fielding. Quality a bit iffy due to Bobby laughing too much when taking the photo.


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