Quebec 2015 – the winter of busted pipes

Quebec 2015 – the winter of busted pipes

Are we sick (literally, and more than at least once) of this loooooong Quebec winter yet?

Quebec City (Quebec) 18 March 2015 – Last night – 18th March, the night-time temperature went down to -17 degrees Celsius in Quebec City which is 10 degrees below normal and is pretty much what has been happening ever since the 1st of January.

It has been a cold winter (no, you’re kidding, right) and the freezing temperatures have caused serious havoc with the underwater pipes both for drainage and water supplies.

Up until the 6th of March the city had 510 calls to solve water supply problems to residences which either had their source disrupted or had their pipes completely broken.

Each borough within the city’s boundaries usually has three teams to look after these problems but, since January one team has been added to each sector to meet the demand.

According to the city, the problem is not that it’s so cold but, more because the extra cold has lasted so long, causing the ground to freeze down to more than 5 feet (1.5 meters) which is the normal depth for laying pipes.

This year the ground has frozen down to 2.4 meters (about 7 feet) in some places.

The mayor has instructed the boroughs to respond within 24 hours for any call concerning frozen pipes.

Each intervention costs the city from $400 to $500 depending on the gravity of the situation.

If however the problem is within the jurisdiction of the house or owners property, the owners must assume the cost themselves.

The winter of 2015 will go down as one of the coldest since 1900.

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