Québec Amongst Best Christmas Cities According to CNN

Québec Amongst Best Christmas Cities According to CNN

The CNN news channel has placed Quebec in a ranking of the liveliest cities in terms of Christmas atmosphere. From Lapland Finland, Strasbourg, France and Barcelona in Spain, Quebec was chosen for its many activities around the year-end festivities, its friendliness, and its multiple possibilities of outdoor recreation.

Apart from the sausages and roasted chestnuts, Christmas Market German journalist Roseann Lake especially enjoyed the Christmas tree lights that lit up with the pedal strokes by passers on stationary bikes located under the tree. The event took place last year and was organized by QuébecAdabra!.

Although this year the bikes that created the light will not be returning, Sébastien Huot, CEO of QuébecAdabra! said he was proud that the lighting effects have gained the attention of CNN.

QuébecAdabra! plans to define its identity and make Quebec a city of light for the holidays. If Quebec is already among the most popular cities of the holiday season this year, Sébastien Huot can only imagine the possibilities for the future. While QuébecAdabra! works to position the concept of city light, the organization is working on a three-year plan starting in 2013 that is expected to have a big impact on the city.

Eric Bilodeau, Director of Communications Office, expresses something along the same lines for the Tourist Office in Quebec City. He was generally impressed with what is being done by QuébecAdabra!. The impact has not been currently measured, but it will be apparent later when the organization assesses the impact of release. It is certain that this type of visibility attracts people to the medium and long term, according to the expert. Quebec has been standing out in the international press, especially during the holiday season as well as New Year’s Eve.

Paul-Christian Nolin, Press rep for Mayor Labeaume expressed that they are very pleased with the past and future projects. The people of Québec should feel fortunate to be a part of the atmosphere. For him, too, in terms of visibility, the article by CNN has an invaluable impact. In May 2011, Clinton came to Québec and expressed that the city was a well-kept secret. Now, the secret has gotten out thanks to CNN and Québec couldn’t be happier.

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