Québec and Ancienne-Lorette disagree on sandbags

Québec and Ancienne-Lorette disagree on sandbags

It’s bad enough that there may be serious flooding in the area but, harsh words are being flung around between the City of Quebec and the City of Ancienne-Lorette these days about how to deal with it and of all things, sand bags.

With the spring thaw and a high risk of flooding close to houses on and around river banks, the city of Ancienne-Lorette has, as a precautionary measure, lined the banks of the Lorette River with elaborate sand bags to protect their neighbourhoods from any possible overflow which may or may not occur.

The city of Quebec however has warned Ancienne-Lorette to remove the sand bags ASAP stating that the strategically placed bags will redirect the river water towards other parts of Quebec City farther downstream which could cause much greater damage to its commercial and industrial sectors. Ancienne-Lorette was one of the cities that refused to be amalgamated during the annexation procedures of years back, and functions under its own Mayor and municipal bylaws which have been in place since the founding of the city.

The city of Quebec claims the bags were illegally installed and that no environmental studies were carried out to calculate the consequences of such an action. Ancienne-Lorette on the other hand says it has the right to set up a protection wall to protect its residents from flooding and that it is much more logical to try and prevent flooding than to pay for massive cleanups and reconstruction in the event that damages are extensive.

The mayor of Ancienne-Lorette Emile Loranger is defiant and proclaims the demands of Quebec City are completely unreasonable and on called for. Quebec City on the other hand is even threatening to remove the sand bags themselves and charge the work to Ancienne-Lorette.  In the meantime the whole area is waiting to see just how bad the flooding might be this year as the snowfall amount was abundant and the forecast is for heavy rains in the next few days.

Seems the expression, “better to be safe than sorry” is not necessarily appropriate for everyone.

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