Québec and Ontario Agree on Economy, Environment

Québec and Ontario Agree on Economy, Environment

Quebec City, (Quebec) August 22, 2014 – The premiers of Ontario and Québec met on Thursday of this week to discuss issues of mutual interest. Quebec’s Philippe Couillard and Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne discussed several topics including the environment, the economy, greenhouse gases and the Canadian constitution. Both Premiers have newly-elected Liberal majority governments.

Their priorities are the economic partnership between Québec and Ontario above all, which is vibrant, and then the environment and how they can make improvements to control greenhouse gasses and their effect on the climatic changes. Ms. Wynne claims that Ontario is far ahead in reducing greenhouse gases by eliminating all coal burning power stations and maintaining green spaces as much as possible. The two agreed on Ottawa`s attempt to promote their energy strategy as long as the Provinces are consulted concerning provincial resrictions for the effects on climate change and on the environment in general. Ms. Wynne also suggested that Ontario may be interested in buying more electricity from Quebec to supply new industries which are developing in the northern sectors of her Province.

As for the constitution, (signing the 1982 document), both Premiers agreed that for the moment it was not a priority and that if and when the subject comes up, Quebec will defend its traditional requests but, in the meantime the pre mentioned topics were first on any agenda. M. Couillard also reiterated that any talks on the Senate reform or First Nations reform would be considered if and when Québec`s concerns are addressed as it would be with the other Provinces. M. Couillard believes in a strong Canada and states that every Province will be stronger if everyone gets along and co-operates to build a stronger Nation.

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