Quebec approves a $26 million dollar face-lift for Saint- Félicien Zoo

Quebec approves a $26 million dollar face-lift for Saint- Félicien Zoo

Saguenay (Quebec) 23 June 2015 – On a recent visit to the Saguenay/Lac St. Jean region of the province, Quebec’s minister of Tourism, Dominique Vien brought good news for the famous Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien. The zoo, which is a treasured tourist attraction for the area, is in need of certain repairs and updates that they have been hoping for, for some time now, and it would appear the provincial government is finally on board with the financing required for the project.

The zoo’s general manager, Lorraine Gagnon was pleased to hear that the premier’s office is ready to hand over $26 million to repair and improve the zoo’s infrastructure. The zoo wants to install some new attractions for the polar bear/seal enclosure and improve the settings for the mountain sheep and wolverine inmates.

There will also be a new welcoming /reception building, a new restaurant, and some people friendly rest stops along the pathways which will help the zoo to accommodate more visitors.

There will be a new section for animals which are brought to the zoo by citizens who find wounded or sick animals including a minor surgery clinic that will be used to care for the zoo’s population if and when required.

The rest of the money will be used for better technology and more scientific studies on certain animals.

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