Quebec Bar Association Leader Dispute Far From Over

Quebec Bar Association Leader Dispute Far From Over

Quebec City (Quebec) 21 August 2015 – Me Khuong was suspended from her duties as the head of the Quebec Bar Association last July after having been elected by 63% of the bar members in May of this year when it was discovered that she had been involved in a shoplifting case at a Simons store in Laval back in 2014. The matter was settled without court intervention and Me Khuong was never accused of a crime, so as far as the law is concerned she has done nothing wrong. The information about the incident was supposed to be confidential.

Me Khuong was elected on the promises of major reforms that would have significantly decreased the reach and power of the Board, decreased membership fees, and limited the size of the Bar Association in general. The majority of current Board members sided against her campaign.

The board members who demanded Me Khuong’s suspension are now suing her for $90,000 for defamation since she took them to court claiming an earlier similar cause towards them. The battle between the Board and Me Khuong has been going on back and forth since the first of July and shows no signs of letting up. Yesterday, another lawyer from the Board, Raymond Doray, said a second case of shoplifting could be coming forward as Me Khuong was apparently seen “stealing” some clothes from another Simons store in Quebec City.

Me Khuong and her lawyer, Jean François Bertrand, want the matter settled and settled fast. Me Khuong has some changes she wants to make to the Bar’s activities and time is running out.

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