Quebec Bar Association Saga – Final Chapter

Quebec Bar Association Saga – Final Chapter

Quebec City (Quebec) 16 September 2015 – The end of the dispute over the nomination of a new head of the Quebec Bar Association has finally come to an end.

Me Lu Chan Khuong was elected president of the bar by 64% of its members but some other members contested the nomination by digging up some problems with the law that me Khuong had been involved in from her past. The new president elect had been involved in a shoplifting case and was consequently suspended from her duties until further investigation.

For two and a half months the arguments went back and forth with Me Khuong filing a lawsuit of $95,000 against her suitors and vice versa she was counter sued for $90,000. Since Me Khuong had never been convicted of the proclaimed shoplifting charge she refused to abandon her post.

Yesterday, Sept 15 2-15, Me Khuong finally decided to step down as president. In doing so she has solved a problem which had become a bit of a farce concerning the complications of The Bar Association in the province.

Under her reign, Me Khuong wanted to reduce the number of Bar Board members and reduce the salary of the top job itself to $185,000 from $300,000.

She hopes her recommendations will be adhered to by the new president.
Her replacement was named immediately.

The new president until 2017 will be Me Claudia P. Prémont, a highly experienced family lawyer from the Quebec City region.

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