ESSO to be sued after Quebec basement flooded with heating oil

ESSO to be sued after Quebec basement flooded with heating oil

Quebec City (Quebec) 26 November 2014 – The owners of a small apartment block in the Saint Sacrement area of town are suing the petroleum giant ESSO for about $80,000.00. The decision to sue comes after six years of trying to rid their building of the contaminants of an oil spill that took place in their basement in January 2009.

The story goes like this. In January six years ago, an ESSO heating oil truck pulls up to 855 ave. de Bienville, Quebec City, and starts filling an oil tank through a pipe which is connected to a reservoir in the basement at the aforementioned address.

The problem is that the particular building was no longer being heated by furnace oil and the driver of the delivery truck had the wrong address.

The oil reservoir in the house in question had not had oil in it since the early 80’s and had even rusted through in certain spots.

Consequently, when the new oil started running into the tank it just naturally started spewing out the holes and flooding the whole basement with oil.

In all, 1,100 litres of mazout spread out over the floor, seeping into every nook and cranny, impregnating the building with the smell and residue which after six years is still causing problems for the owners.

ESSO made an effort back in 2009 to clean up the major part of the spill but, it has been discovered that the oil had inadvertently found its way out into the lawn and trees on the property.

The owners want ESSO to pay for a complete cleaning of the yard and decontamination which they figure will cost about $80,000.

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