Québec Bridge Painting Costs “Very High” says Specialist

Québec Bridge Painting Costs “Very High” says Specialist

Quebec City (Quebec) 10 May 2015 – More than $400 million to repaint the Quebec Bridge is a figure that appears “very high” to the engineer who oversaw the painting of the Eiffel Tower in France.

So said Georges Valaouris, the mechanical engineer who directed, supervised and inspected and the last site painting of the Eiffel Tower, with Stelma Greek, a company specialized in anticorrosive paint structures, in a discussion with the Journal de Québec.

All included, the Eiffel Tower had cost 5,370,000$CAD, including salaries of the workers, the necessary equipment and 60 tons of paint.

Mr. Valaouris knows the Quebec Bridge, which he described as “marvelous work”. Informed of estimates filed by engineering firm Roche for CN who owns the bridge, the engineer was first surprised. “The cost announced seems very high,” he submitted.

Some factors are likely to vary costs, he continued. “If there is a complete stripping for example, or one-time maintenance with an aesthetic layer in the end, the cost would be very different in the two cases.”

The mayor of Québec, who noted the city’s intention to contact the Greek company, found a sympathetic ear as Georges Valaouris said his company would be interested in submitting a “technical and financial study” for the work to be carried on deck.

Denis Blanchette, the NDP MP for Louis-Hébert, filed Bill C-676 in Parliament on Friday to force CN to paint the Québec bridge.

“I invite Denis Lebel, if he really has the Queéec City region at heart, to put his ego aside and work with the NDP for this bill to be passed before the elections in 2015. Especially since my project Bill saves$ 100 million of public money,” he stated.

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