Quebec buses for sale, who wants one?

Quebec buses for sale, who wants one?

Who wants to buy a bus?

Quebec City (Quebec) 9 April 2015 – As we had posted earlier this year, the city had decided to abolish those little electric buses which were being used mostly in the old city area, and now that they’re off the roads the city wants to get rid of them. They not only want to get rid of them, they want them out of their site and preferably out of the area.

The little buses are up for sale by international tender and can be seen at the RTC garage on Armand Viau Street. There are two tenders out; one for the purchase of the buses with their used batteries plus chargers, and lots and lots of extra parts and a second, for a bundle of batteries that were bought in case they were needed, presumably new.

There is no bottom line price and there is no guarantee covering the vehicles. It’s an “as is” sale with no strings attached, you buy them, you pay to take them away and you don’t come back with any remnants. Once they’re gone, they’re gone and the sooner the better. The city also wants to rent the garage in Limoilou, where the mini-buses were serviced and maintained. The buses cost $400,000 each when new and the batteries run in at $33,000 each.

The buses required a lot of maintenance mostly because of our climate and the hilly roads they were used on. The winter months were particularly hard on the batteries and electrical systems and when they were required to climb hills like Côte du Palais and Dufferin it required an extra strain on those rechargeable batteries.

Anyone interested can contact the RTC through their website.
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