Quebec cabin fire claims lives of 5 young hunters

Quebec cabin fire claims lives of 5 young hunters

Lac Mistassini (Quebec) 2 April 2015 – A tragic fire has taken the lives of five young individuals who were lodging in a cabin on a hunting trip in the small northern Quebec town of Mistissini, during the night of April 1.

The young hunters, all from the Cree Nation have been identified as, David Jimikin, Emmett Coonishish, Chilweten Coonishish, Kevin Loon, and Charlie Gunner. Few details are available at the time of posting. All we know for now is that the charred bodies were found by a passing snowmobiler.

The region is very remote and the police and investigators will arrive today, April 2, by helicopter to further investigate the tragedy. The Grand Chief of the Cree Grand council, Matthew Coon Come, offered a written communiqué to the Cree Nation late last night stating that it was a terrible misfortune for the local community and for the Cree Nation as a whole.

The town of Mistissini is a small Cree community about 500km north of Quebec City and is a popular hunting and fishing area located on the southern shore of Lake Mistassini, the largest fresh water lake in Quebec.

An investigation as to the cause and circumstances of the misfortunate incident will be conducted by the Quebec Provincial Police (Sûreté du Québec).

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