Quebec carnival looking for money

Quebec carnival looking for money

Main pic – Bonhomme Carnaval en 2011. Photo credit: Laserpdb

Quebec City (Quebec) 26 September, 2014 – The directors of the Carnaval de Québec are concerned again this year that financing the event is going to be an uphill battle. Financing the “carnaval” has always been tricky and this year is no exception.

The Carnaval committee is looking to big business to help supply money for the annual winter celebration implying that it is the sole revenue maker for Quebec City during the winter months. Financial institutions and companies like Desjardins have two or three year contracts with the organisation which help create financing and this year some contracts have to be renewed or there will be a deficit.

Desjardins has always been a faithful contributor to the Carnaval and hopefully will renew their commitment again this year.

The provincial Government is always a strong supporter but is refusing to sign on for more than a year at a time which means their contribution could go one way or the other year after year.

Emphasis is also going to be put on the backs of the duchesses who will have to campaign a little harder this year with special events coming up between now and January which will take them to different locations in a financial campaign to garner as much revenue as possible.

The sale of the famous “Bougie de Carnaval” will also be at the forefront as a means of collecting money.

Le Bonhomme Carnaval hopes everyone gets onboard to support his annual party.

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