Quebec churches attracting young parishioners

Quebec churches attracting young parishioners

Sainte-Foy (Quebec) 6 April 2015 – Staying with the subject of religion during this Easter break; a new revolution is taking place at the Saint-Thomas d’Aquin church in Sainte-Foy where about 300 young adults come together to worship at a special mass held on Sunday evenings.

The mass is hosted by three young religious leaders, headed up by Father Brice Petitjean, who have decided to bring in music, pizza, nachos and even beer to attract the youth back to the church, and it’s working.

The two vicars, Martin Lagacé and Alexandre Julien look after the “Bistro du Curé” in the basement and prefer to spend their time meeting and talking with the young attendees instead of ranting on with sermons and bible readings which usually scare people away rather than attract them.

It’s a whole new way to connect with the younger generation, according to Father Martin, who he himself, in his younger years, was a bar hopping rock and roll enthusiast who once travelled the world as a hippy, but found his way back to reality through the church, a sort of born again redeemer.

In this age of religious rejection by the common people, the new style of worship by the fathers at Saint-Thomas d’Aquin, are succeeding in bringing a new and enthusiastic group of young people back to their roots and helping them to find a stability that a church can often provide.

The parish welcomes anyone and everyone, who wishes to participate in an exciting and positive evening of chit-chat and religious discussion every Sunday evening, at their church on the corner of Louis Joliette and Ch. Sainte-Foy, Quebec City.

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