Quebec Citizens Want More Art

Quebec Citizens Want More Art

Citizens in Quebec City want to increase the presence of public art in the region to 28% by 2020. This would mean that an additional 25 works of art would be featured compared to the pre-existing 125 works that are currently in the city.

To achieve this goal, the Labeaume administration plans to join works of art to all new construction projects or any planned expansions of buildings. The administration plans to finance this with the use of municipal funds.

To achieve this, the administration plans Labeaume join a work of art to all construction or expansion of buildings financed by municipal funds.

“We want the city to develop a reflex to think about public art,” said Julie Lemieux, the councillor responsible for culture, at the unveiling of the vision of the future of public art in the city of Quebec for 2013 to 2020 Sunday morning at City Hall.

We may soon see many sculptures, murals, street works and lighting features in the region, listed the councillor who says that she wants to make Quebec a “leader” in art.

The city also wants to involve artists. “We want to know the name of our artists and encourage the next generation,” said Ms. Lemieux.

Involving the Private Sector

The Labeaume administration above all, and most importantly, wants to involve the private sector by encouraging developers to connect art projects to their developments.

“We hope that private developers are also sensitive to the beautification and that their development projects will give way to works of art,” said Mayor Régis Labeaume.

“We want to make a mark in Quebec. The City will do all that is needed to value the private investors who do,” he added.

In November, Quebec wanted to have a “1% municipal” policy of systematically integrating a work of art into every construction project that was funded by taxpayers.

Sunday morning, the elected representative who leads this case referred to the old public arts case that dated back to 1989 that applied to Old Quebec.

In 2008, coupled with the investments surrounding Quebec’s 400th anniversary had allowed Quebec to make a leap forward in terms of public art, she said, saying she wanted to continue with this this momentum.

The city plan requires a $100,000 investment per year for the acquisition of works of art.

This vision presented Sunday morning presented many inspiration for Quebec including Nice, France and Vancouver where citizens are involved in the selection of works of art.
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