Quebec City 20th in Americas for Traffic

Quebec City 20th in Americas for Traffic

When you’re stuck in traffic on one of the area’s popular arteries at around 4:30 pm and you think it must be the worst congestion ever, think again. Our traffic jams might be difficult, but on a recent survey calculated by using GPS systems throughout the Americas, Quebec City comes up in 20th place at 22%, 4 points behind Montreal which is in 13th. The worst traffic congestion is in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which has now become the “benchmark” for rush hour madness.

In Canada, Quebec City comes in at 6th place out of seven, with Vancouver being the busiest and Edmonton having the least problem with wait times. The average extra time wasted sitting in your car in this city at peak rush hours  is 33 minutes on an average day. The busiest times are Tuesday mornings and Friday evenings and the most congested day in 2013 was Monday December 9, for no apparent reason.

TomTom, the Dutch company who makes GPS systems, arrived at the results after studying 63 cities across the Americas and states that Quebec City is becoming more and more problematic year after year. Although the survey was not scientific, the results make sense when one sees the difference in size of the various cities surveyed.

We have to keep in mind that these results are from traffic created by automobiles, and that larger cities where public transportation is more popular have lower marks because of the lack of automobile traffic.

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