Quebec City birthrate greater than provincial average

Quebec City birthrate greater than provincial average

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 May 2015 – The birthrate in the province has been going down ever since 2009 and although Quebec City seems to have more births than the rest of the province the numbers are still way down from the beginning of the new century.

The average number of babies born in the province is around 88,500 per year ever since 2009 but, in 2014 that number was down to 87,700. In the capital city, the number of births in 2014 was 7,621 which was 15 more than the previous year. That is 2,100 more than in 2004; the worst year on record for the number of babies born in the local hospitals. As compared to the rest of the province, Quebec City’s birthrates are on the increase although very slightly.

The figures, composed by the Institut de la statistique du Quebec, show a negative growth for the province as a whole. Martine St-Amour, the institute’s demographic expert, cannot explain why the birthrate is so low only to mention that women are waiting longer to have their children. Statistics show that there are more babies born from women who are between 35 and 39 than before that age. There are also a lot more women over 40 giving birth. In fact the over forty birth rate is higher than the 20 and under figures.

A concern for Mme St-Amour is the fact that most women giving birth over 40 are experiencing their first child meaning they have had no experience raising an infant up until that age, unlike their ancestors who already had several children before hitting 40.

These stats were produced by the province, and cannot be compared to what is happening in other provinces.

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