Quebec City – Capital of stiffer fines!

Quebec City – Capital of stiffer fines!

Quebec City (Quebec) 19 December 2014 – It would appear that the fines for a normal traffic infraction in Quebec City are the highest among all the municipalities in the province.

Although fewer tickets are handed out as compared to Montreal per capita, the fine for the same violation is somewhat higher in Quebec City than in any other region.

The average fine per ticket in Montreal hovers around the $121 mark as compared to Quebec City where the average penalty is around $160.

A contravention for walking around public places under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Quebec City grabs a fine of $219, whereas in Montreal the same person would only be billed about $76 for doing the same thing.

Montreal’s police force has quotas to respect in regards to the number of tickets handed out in a month, whether they are for traffic violations or simple parking or even pedestrian infractions.

Quebec City police authorities claim that this city does not have the same criteria for its workforce, although the policeperson’s Union tends to differ.

Montreal has given out on average 148,000 tickets per month during the past year compared 61,000 per month for all the rest of the province combined, including Quebec City.

Parking tickets in Montreal account for 2/3 of all the fines given out during a year.

Of course the traffic or circulation in general in Quebec City is far less than in Montreal, and Montreal also gives out a lot more tickets to pedestrians who don’t always obey the walk signs or cross streets where they shouldn’t.

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