Quebec City Celtic Festival 2013

Quebec City Celtic Festival 2013

Presented by St-Ambroise

Quebec-Celtic-Festival-LogoQuebec City April, 2013 – The eighth edition of the Quebec City Celtic Festival will be held from August 29th to September 8th, 2013.

Mr. Peter McAuslan,  Founder of McAuslan Breweries, will be our 2013 Honorary President. Mr. McAuslan is a well-known supporter of cultural events.

McAuslan Breweries will present the Celtic Festival for the next three years. The brewery’s very important support, added to the support of our many partners, will allow us to prepare an even more colourful program.

The complete and detailed program will be available on our website in mid-June and will be the subject of a press release.

Québec Thistle Council

The Festival would like to acknowledge the appointment of our chairman, Guy Morisset, as a fellow of the Quebec Thistle Council. This appointment demonstrates the Council’s recognition of the Festival’s efforts in recent years to promote Scottish culture, Scottish sports and competition, and our clearly stated intention to present accredited Highland Games by 2018.

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