Quebec City Celtic Festival 2017 Program Unveiled

Quebec City Celtic Festival 2017 Program Unveiled

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Quebec City, July 31st 2017—– The Quebec Celtic Festival of Quebec (QCF) is pleased to unveil the programming of this 12th edition which will be held from August 17 to 20, mainly at the Domaine de Maizerets. Musical performances, sports performances, cultural presentations and family entertainment are waiting for you, free of charge!

The Domaine de Maizerets becomes the main site. It was chosen as part of the Festival’s growth plan for its accessibility, size and the quality of its facilities. Some activities will always take place in Old Quebec, specifically on St-Jean Street and at the Murphy’s Irish pub for late evening music programming.
The Waiter’s Race, Desjardins Caisse de Québec

Thursday, August 17 6:30 pm
A favourite from last year, the waiter’s race is coming back! The winners from last year will defend their title in an amusing relay race on Rue St-Jean. Teaming up with Desjardins Caisse de Québec, this year, the race is open to many of the city’s Celtic establishments! The competition for the 2017 Golden Pitcher will be fierce!

Domaine de Maizerets – Saturday and Sunday, August 19-20
This year, the Festival will put the spotlight on Gaelic sports. For the first time ever, the organization is delighted to be able to hold the sports demonstrations in the same location as the rest of the events! With Gaelic football, hurling and poc fada, festival goers will discover exciting new sports. To be able to present a sport of professional calibre to everyone, the Québec Patriots team has worked hard to coordinate the Québec Cup! Workshops will also be scheduled, so others may participate, and—who knows?—perhaps join the league!

The QCF’s organizing committee is taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by the Domaine de Maizerets! Two stages will be set up to offer a varied program throughout the day! Dance, traditional music, bagpipes; there will be something for everyone! Le Village Mythique is back, and Balthazar the dragon has decided to join the troop. Visit this incredible installation on the Domain’s small island! The Clans will tell us their stories, the 78th Frasers Highlanders will set their bagpipes aside to talk about life as a Scottish soldier and the Vikings will set up a village to explain the commercial ties that bind them to the Celts!

Domaine de Maizerets – Saturday, August 19
Five years of strong men, it’s a celebration! What would the Festival be without its Highland Games? Originating from Scotland and celebrating Celtic culture (Scottish in this case), the Québec City Highland Games will bring together five internationally recognized competitors to compete for the championship. These men will dazzle us with their feats in four official events: throwing a 17 lb. stone, throwing a 56 lb. weight, throwing a 120 lb. pole and throwing a 56 lb. weight. Come watch the professionals in action on Saturday.

Domaine de Maizerets – Friday 18 August 7 PM
Inspired by the European balfolks, Balfolk Québec proposes an evening where the music animates the steps of dance and where the steps of dance give meaning to the music. You will have the chance to experience various group or couple dances. Tickets on sale the evening of the event, at the door, in cash, at a cost of $10

Saturday afternoon August 19
Do you know the Parcours Épicurien? These festive activities of gourmet discoveries allow you to stroll along your neighborhoods and explore local flavours. As part of the Celtic Festival, you can participate in a Celtic Parcours Épicurien! In collaboration with CELEB’Events, passionate owners will share with you the richness and the culinary diversity of our beautiful city. An exclusive tour for a limited time! On foot, with or without your kilt, with family or friends, explore the best Celtic addresses in the city. Please note that a booking is required at for this activity and participants overt 18 years are accepted.

Partnership with the Festival des traditions du Monde, Sherbrooke – Saturday, August 12
The Kilt Run which was part of the original Celtic Festival in Quebec City is being transported this year to the Festival des traditions du Monde in Sherbrooke on August 12th. A great collaboration and a promotional opportunity for the Celtic Festival!

Please note that reservations are required for paid activities:
In conclusion, the Québec City Celtic Festival would like to thank its public and private partners and highlight their significant support, making it possible to present the event: Québec City, Heritage Canada, McAuslan Brewery, La Revanche pub ludique, Discount and Desjardins Caisse de Quebec. We must also mention the exceptional contribution of the volunteer organizing committee who work tirelessly, year after year, to create a unique festival!

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