Quebec City Celtic Festival, an Appreciated Festive Edition!

Quebec City Celtic Festival, an Appreciated Festive Edition!

Quebec, September, 2012 – The presentation of the Quebec City Celtic Festival was held from August 30 to September 16 and the organizers are proud of its success!

For its 7th edition, the festival offered about fifty activities and shows including evening tales and legends, whiskey tastings, and the Kamelott evening.

The sports weekend allowed all to attend Gaelic football and see muscleman Dirk Bishop perform demonstrations of “Highland Games”. 

During the Celtic weekend of September 15 and 16, the Old City streets vibrated to the sound of bagpipes during the parade, over 100 participants cajoling onlookers to visit chaussée des Écossais near the Morrin Centre.

On site, dance, music, and demonstrations of all kinds were offered, not to mention the famous Fest-Noz, a typically Breton night party, where more than 100 festival-goers danced to a Breton music group “The Year of the Winds”.

The transition groups “Rosheen” and “Irish Bastards” also performed during the weekend: people could not help but tap their feet!

Note: the gardens of St. Andrews church were packed during Isabeau Corriveau’s harp and percussion show. Eager for knowledge, many attended various conferences and visited the old prison cells, now inside the Morrin Centre. 

For the second successive year, the Celtic banquet held on Sunday afternoon was a great success, attracting more than 130 guests.

They devoured two boars of 180 and 160 pounds respectively and had a lot of fun while watching Gallic animations from Asterix, Obelix, and Bonnemine. 

It is therefore already a fixture for 2013!

The organizing committee will be busy in the coming months putting together a cultural program based on learning and developing a new sporting event with the help of potential sponsors. 

In conclusion, the Quebec City Celtic Festival thanks and underlines  the importance of public and private partnerships that made the event possible. This includes Heritage Canada, Quebec City, and Brasserie McAuslan.

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