Quebec City considering keeping certain bike trails open during winter

Quebec City considering keeping certain bike trails open during winter

Quebec City (Quebec) 18 September 2015 – If you like to ride your bike all year long, rain or shine, sun or snow it seems you’re in luck. The city is considering keeping several bike paths open during the winter months but, the idea is still on the table and may not happen this year, so don’t go out and buy those studded tires just yet.

The city official in charge of the project, Geneviève Hamelin, thinks the plan is a good one and has started meetings with the people involved to examine the costs and extra labour it would require. She wants to be very clear that the project is still in its planning stage and isn’t making any promises.

The best option for the group who first suggested the idea, la Table de concertation vélo (Bicycle dialog table) recommends, at least for now, to keep four trails open, two running north-south and two others east-west; two each in upper town and lower town.

The vice president of la Table de concertation vélo, Martial Van Neste is encouraged by the city’s reaction and hopes to see some positive results in the near future. Three other “Nordic” cities, Montreal, Winnipeg and Oulu in Finland already have certain bike trails open during the winter months.

Another concern for the city is rider and driver safety. People are not used to having bicycles on the road in winter, so there would have to be some sort of awareness campaign both for drivers and bike riders in order to prepare the population.

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