Quebec City English News – Friday 24th February 2012

Quebec City English News – Friday 24th February 2012

Hello Quebec City (and beyond),

So, were you lucky enough to get Madonna tickets?
Over 60,000 of the things were sold out in about half a second.

If you weren’t fast enough to get a couple of the $100 tickets, fear not, for there is a solution.

Pop to your local electrical store and buy yourself a TV for $200.00.

On the day of the Madonna concert, plonk your new TV at the bottom of the garden, plug it in and crank up the volume.
Go back to your house, stand in the kitchen with a refreshing beverage, open the kitchen window and watch the Madonna show.

At the end, while everyone else is making a mad scramble for the Plains of Abraham exits, you’ll have had a similar experience to those at the back, will already be home and will have gained a ‘free’ TV.
Happy days.

So, moving on, what have we got for you this time, we hear you ask?

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